Coastline Heating and Cooling Recommends Corrosion Coating for your HVAC System.

Many of us CHOOSE to live at the “beach”.  And a lot of us have come here from somewhere else.  The salt environment that we live in takes a toil on heating and air conditioning systems and significantly decreases the longevity expectations (instead of 15 years, possibly as few as 5 years).  Not only is life cycle longevity significantly reduced, the energy efficiency of newly installed heating and air conditioning systems quickly diminish.  That’s why we added this product/service to our offerings…

We spray a water based solution that contains the coating on the heating and air conditioning system. The heat pump is dis-assembled to enable treating the inside of the system.  Both sides of the coil are treated, including, compressor, and the electrical components.  Depending on the request, we may also treat the outside of the cabinet to increase the appearance of the system.  Because the treatment process uses water as the catalyst, we treat the system many times without the need to let it “dry” before repeating the treatment process again.

For those outdoor systems that have the compressor mounted inside an all metal cabinet, the treatment of the bottom of the cabinet is one of the  many steps utilized to provide additional years of service from our InfiniGard treatment process.